Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting started

Its a difficult segregated world we are living in. So much so that I have to segregate the blogs I maintain. My original blog remains at WordPress, but since it is published in quite a few Planets(reads as RSS feeds), I am not planning to publish personal muses on that blog. People reading planets create a lot of noise over content not appropriate for planets. I plan to publish my personal notes here and my technical notes there. So much so for compartmentalisation. But why am I mentioning it here ? Well, the answer lies in my guilty conscience of maintaining and eating up blog spaces. A big sorry to anyone who wants to take up the space with bonivivek on blogspot. Uninteresting but true.

Please note: I am really pissed since I could not take up which is already occupied by someone who apparently is so busy that he is not doing anything on the blog for the past few years. Do me a favour mate, delete that blog.

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